GM Application :)

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GM Application :)

Post by Lmfao on Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:47 pm

1. Full name.
-Juan Carlos Amador

2. Age and gender.
-19 Y/O & Male 

3. You’re in-game name.

4. How long you have been playing this server for and if you have played any other server or game. Any GM experience before etc..
-I have been playing this server for about a month now. I have played other server like insanity and a few others. I do have GM experience in Dekaron & RSPS but not in Flyff so that would be some good experience since i already bring the experience from the other games to apply on this one.

5. What is your time zone + country & how often can you be online?
-GMT-5 , USA. I can be online from 5-7 Hours a day & in about a week i finish my last class so i can be on from about 10-12 Hours.

6. Tell us something about yourself.
-Im a funny person, i like to have fun, i have been a GM for Another game [not flyff] for over a year until it got shutdown Sad i also owned my own RS servers and develop them for fun now and i just love to work with people since 1996  geek & also i speak 2 Languages English and Spanish  Razz

7. Are you good in working in a team and keeping us informed?
-Most Definitely im a team player i love being part of a team especially if its one as good as the one you guys have here, and i would do nothing less than keep u guys informed the more information i can give u guys the better the server can be and the more fun players can have.

8. Can you be strict in doing your job?
-Yes, Definitely.

9. What is your reason to be a gm on this server?
-I want to be a GM for the simple reason that you can help people make the best of the game and enjoy themselves while playing by doing events or just chatting and bringing the community together to just have fun.

10. What can you give to this server and any more information about you.
-Answer any question that players may have, i can give the players the assurance that if they need help or have a question i will be there to answer them as well as i possibly could and as fast as i can, and that apply's to my fellow staff members and to the owner as well.I bring to this server if i get a chance of being a GM the assurance that players will get the full experience of GODS FLYFF turnt to the max no shortcuts everything straight forward. Also i will not give out free things to players, I play fair so wont pick someone in an event just because i like their fashion or because they are newbies everyone has a fair chance as it should be at all times  sunny 


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