Sirens GM Application.

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Sirens GM Application.

Post by Sirens on Tue Jul 21, 2015 9:36 pm

Full Name
Brandon R Melvin


In-game Name


Time Zone
Central Time (-6:00)

How long have you been playing our server?
I've been playing the server on and off since it came out on beta testing.

Other games?
I used to play MapleStory a lot, then I reaLLY got into MapleStory private servers. On one of those I had met a friend that told me about Flyff and thus, my love for it started! I've been playing Flyff since I was a 12 year old little boy.

How much experience do you have being a FlyFF gamemaster?
The second year I was playing Flyff (13 years old) I was the GM for a really old server called Love Flyff. After that, the owner left to create a MapleStory server. I then became the SFX editor at another one of my friends servers, then he got ddos'd. I was an event GM for Galaxy Flyff. I've been a GM in the passed probably around, 25 times. I've been playing for quite a long time.
Tell us about yourself

I go to college for culinary arts. I work as a manager for a locale grocery store. I love computers. If music wasn't a thing, I would be dead. I'm pretty addicted to tumblr. I love cooking, it is my passion. I love challenges. Smoking weed is a great way to pass the time. Sometimes I really enjoy writing. My favorite soda is Dr. Pepper. My favorite food is, well, that's to hard to think about. I smoke Newports 100s. My best friends name is Alison, and she's beautiful.
This is me.

Do you work well with others? (As a team)

Working in groups is my stronghold. I worked well with others when I was in school. I prefer to work with others as it prepares you for the real world, and the experience is great to take to the workplace.

Can you be strict, and still keep the players happy?

I have 3 little siblings and they all love me. My point is that, I was stern and strict with them up until a certain point, but they still do look up to me. I can still be strict, but have fun with them at the same time instead of always just yelling all the time and being rude/mean. Following the rules is very important.

Why do you want to be a GM for us?

I would like to be a GM for Gods Flyff because the community is fun. I love the pride the players have. It's the most pride I've ever seen a server have. It (Gods Flyff) has a lot of potential to become something big. The staff is really talented. I've never met such nice and caring people in my life. This server could go BIG. HUGE even!

What can you bring to the server in a positive way?
Well I figured I could bring some of my tenacity for improvement. The light and joy of my bubbly personality. And my wittiness for new and improved events. I live in North America, so maybe having a GM on this side of the world would bring more players during Central Time (-6:00), therefore there could be 50+ players on at ALL times. I have a good chunk of people that play flyff but it's hard to get a hold of them because they also play League, or RuneScape. I can always advertise the server on my blog that have 550+ followers and growing, FAST. I'm very active when I'm doing homework or studying on my desktop (I'm very good at multitasking) I work first shift so that won't get in the way and I goto school 3 times a week, so that can't get in the way either (Unless I have a morning test/quiz)

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Re: Sirens GM Application.

Post by monace19 on Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:08 am

Sirens for GM!!

He helped me with the price of kakashi hair. very supportive and trustworthy.


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