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Post by mzector on Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:46 pm

1. Full name.
Gerald Manabat
2. Age and gender.
3. You’re in-game name.
4. How long you have been playing this server for and if you have played any other server or game. Any GM experience before etc..
I've been playing this server for 2 months. No. I never experience Being a GM. so I want here in gods flyff to be a GM 
5. What is your time zone + country & how often can you be online?
GMT+8 Philippines,more than 10hours Online without classes. with class about 6hours.
6. Tell us something about yourself.
I Started to play flyff when i was grade 2 and i played other private servers.I Always follow orders, Always ScreenShots proof of every winner of all my events. And I want to Help other Players Like New Players. And i help a lot of players Here in Gods Flyff

7. Are you good in working in a team and keeping us informed?
Yes Im. I'm a good team player always ask for permissions to do something and inform other staff
8. Can you be strict in doing your job?
Absolutely yes
9. What is your reason to be a gm on this server?
Helping players,bring happiness and New Events for players to enjoy for them not to get bored.
10. What can you give to this server and any more information about you.
I can give this server a proper management.


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