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GM application

Post by Douf22 on Sat Aug 01, 2015 6:10 am

1. Emma Lucille Peterson.
2. I am 13 years old and am a female.
3. Kaylee
4. I have been playing for 3-4 weeks and have played various other private servers. FlyForCelestia is almost always down, Vanilla Flyff is crap, but I think this server is awesome.
5. I am in the USA and my time zone is EST. I am online when I am not in school.
6. I love flyff. I know where every dungeon is, have done almost every quest, love guilds (I'm in one called Notice Me Senpai.), and am glad to give newbies answers to their many questions.
7. I am great at teamwork and always let others know if something is or went wrong.
8. Yes. I never give exceptions when I make rules, and will not let someone begging me throw me off track.
9. So i can watch over the players, keep rules enforced, keep the server running, and help others.
10. I can give my best effort to helping others, keeping the server going and making sure rules are properly enforced. I hope I can make the GM team proud.  I love you

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