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♥✿ ~Event Suggestion~ ✿♥

Post by 我將永遠愛你 on Wed Apr 29, 2015 4:13 am


Today i'll bring you an suggestion about one event~

The event itself is called Game of Words!!


Snowy says: W_____g [Warning]
Somebody says: [Warning]

The one who say WARNING FIRST will win the event!

Jimina says: A_______n [Attention]
Sombody says: [Attention]

The one who say ATTENTION FIRST will win the event!

But there also could be and Game of Sentences!!


Snowy says: E___t __ c________g ___a [Event at collecting area]
Somebody says: [Event at collecting area]

The one who say EVENT AT COLLECTING AREA FIRST will win the event!

Jimina says: I______n e___t __ o_d a___a [Invasion event at old arena]
Somebody says: [Invasion event at old arena]

The first who say INVASION EVENT AT OLD ARENA FIRST will win the event!!


First Place: 999 ~ 2,000 PERINS
Second Place: 399 ~ 1,000 PERINS

Third Place: 199 ~ 700 PERINS


First Place: 9999 ~ 20,000 Gods Coins
Second Place: 6666 ~ 15,000 Gods Coins

Third Place: 3333 ~ 10,000 Gods coins


First Place: Awake Transfer Item
Second Place: Cloak of Honor [COH]

Third Place: S Level PET


First Place: Uchiha Sasuke SET [Fashion/Costume]
Second Place: Custom Wings/Mask [Custom Wings/Mask itself should has double stats]

Third Place: Wings/Mask [Normal stats]


First Place: Tsunade SET [Fashion/Costume]
Second Place: Uzumaki Naruto SET [Fashion/Costume]

Third Place: Custom Fashion/Costume from the available ones! [Hipster, Mafia, Dagon etc. With double stats]

The prizes can be chosen by the staff~
The prizes written above are just my suggestion but they can be converted at any time~!

I hope you like the Event and the suggestion about it!

One last thing i almost forgot..
About the Game of Words and Game of Sentences~!

When an GM say word or sentence other players can ask if there exist an letter~


Somebody says: Is there ''a''
GM says: No/Yes

Somebody says: IS there ''v''
GM says No/Yes

And the same method about every next word/sentence~!

Oh and this~!


Snowy says: E___t __ c________g ___a [Event at collecting area]
Somebody says: Is there ''e''

Snowy says: Yes
Then Snowy have to add the existing letter~!
E_e_t __ c___e____g a_ea
Snowy says: No
And the word/sentence shouldn't change!


When you say word/sentence you SHOULDN'T say the word/sentence i've wrote in the brackets~!!!

Greetings: Yunie/Lesbian/Bella~


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Re: ♥✿ ~Event Suggestion~ ✿♥

Post by Marimar on Wed Apr 29, 2015 9:35 pm

Wow!!! Great suggestion you got there Bella Wink tho its quite vague but all are interesting and looks fun Smile  Goodluck with this !! You got my support. Wink 

Also, it is still the staffs discretion but I do believe they will take this into consideration or perhaps with modifications 'cause they all value their players and they're the coolest staffs ever. Wink 

Love love love
Fun fun fun Wink

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Re: ♥✿ ~Event Suggestion~ ✿♥

Post by Gods143 on Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:59 am

nice suggestion!


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Re: ♥✿ ~Event Suggestion~ ✿♥

Post by DanGabica on Mon May 04, 2015 1:16 pm

Good suggestion, but it seems like the suggestion are exaggerated


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Re: ♥✿ ~Event Suggestion~ ✿♥

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