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Post by xxxwadexxx on Mon Aug 03, 2015 4:56 pm

1. Full name.
    Im Kim joshua Maniclang

2. Age and gender.
    Male and 23 yrs. old

3. You’re in-game name.
    (anonymous or HellKrex)still downloading the game client

4. How long you have been playing this server for and if you have played any other server or game. Any GM experience before etc..
   I been playing Flyff private servers since 2010 for almost 16hr/day if you want me too.^^ most of my recent Flyff games i played was magmaflyff insanityflyff etc. and one of my forgettable server celestialflyff and reason why im applying as a game master (i Hate Game Master who are not Responsible for their acts!) 

5. What is your time zone + country & how often can you be online?
    GMT+8 , from Philippines, I can play the game almost 24/7 if i will be hire as a GM. 

6. Tell us something about yourself.
   Im a graduate of a bachelor Degree in Science in Psychology and right now im enrolled in education, taking up units for me able to teach. it will not be a adherence since my class is only TTH 4hr/day a week.  
   knowledgeable in every game rules respect players\moderators,responsible in every way. addicted on flyff private server, player for almost half of my life ^_^ game friendly!

7. Are you good in working in a team and keeping us informed?
   YUP like what i said im responsible person and im easy to contact since i will be online 24\7 lol!

8. Can you be strict in doing your job?
   Yeah,game rules is like a actual norm to me and it will not be broke by any circumstances in game  

9. What is your reason to be a gm on this server?
   to be able to help moderators in game\events Q. of players mostly for newbies and to be able to maintain good balance quality experience of the game 

10. What can you give to this server and any more information about you.
   words can be deceiving i really guaranty it.. but let me just show what i can do and if i will not satisfy your expectation the decision  is all yours More power i still love playing Flyff long live GODFLYFF!!!

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