Maverik's GM Application

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Maverik's GM Application

Post by Maverik on Tue Aug 11, 2015 3:46 am

I am very positive to this fairly new server, and you have my best wishes for its future and continuous growth and do my application in a different way.

I would very much love to be a part of this server and how it is evolving, and help it grow bigger. I recently got back to the game, after about a year of absence. Since I got back about a month ago I have been playing a handful of private servers, though not yet completely satisfied. I really do love PvP and sieging, but I am not saying no to a fun giant hunt with friends either and with correct management I see a bright future for all of us.

So who am I? Let me introduce myself.

My name is Aaron. My IGN is Maverik, I am 25 years old, im from the USA (Houston, Texas) My language is English and Spanish I speak it fluently. My skillset is with the community, being an organizer, planning and hosting events, optimizing and balancing in-game content etc.  I do have programming skills such as, C++, PHP, MySql, and such more. Currently working for a company that develops and designs webites. (Which im not aloud to screenshot some of my work experience due to company policies, which you guys can understand.)

I have been a GM on 2 other servers in my former Flyff career, both servers within top 5 and at most top 3 ranked of all servers. Of discretion and professionalism I will not give the names of those servers. I'm sure you understand. Myself have I played Flyff on and off since v7, up until about v17 when I took a break. I have great experience on everything related to in-game stuff, and have been helping in the work of balancing classes, skills, equipment, accessory etc on more servers than the ones where I was employed as GM. Besides what I have done and helped with, I have countless memories and hours of fun from this game, and a couple friends I met on Flyff whom I have had contact with even during my breaks.

Why should you choose me? 

That's the big question. What can I offer that nobody else can? I am a trusted person who work hard to achieve my goals. I am mature, structured, good at co-operating and working with other people and most of all I enjoy this game over any other game I have ever played. I believe the game is made up of the community, so managing the players, solving conflicts and creating an enjoyable environment will be my first priority. Players will always eventually have experienced everything in the game, but will continue to play because of the people of the community. If this is not in place, players are most likely going to quit once they reach the end game and feel like there is nothing else to do. I do have previous GM experience, and I am a leader person able to take lead of groups of people. I am good at communicating, and have already experienced most possible situations you can think of, both fun and good and bad.

Here is a few points

- Good communicating and managing skills
- Know most perspectives of the game
- Experienced and mature
- Fun and talking person
- Aiming towards reaching goals (I can be very stubborn at times xD)

Fun-facts and additional info about me:

- Were asked and offered the GM position on the server where I served as GM for almost 2 years, and was a part of making the server grow exponentially
- I do have a Skype, which I will provide upon further interest. 

That's it for now! I hope you find the best suited people for your Staff. If my application is accepted, I look forward to starting to work with you. If it is denied, I wish you the best of luck with your server!

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Re: Maverik's GM Application

Post by lokoslayer123 on Fri Aug 28, 2015 11:27 pm

Vote Maverik for GM, ive known him most of my time, he is a good and responsible GM, i give him my vote.


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