• First Steps in the Server !

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• First Steps in the Server !

Post by HugoS on Tue Apr 07, 2015 3:40 am

Hello community ,

In this topic you will find an overall look and informations about Gods Flyff Server , feel free to know more about the server , and I hope it will help you !

Flyff has a great animated graphical style that`s easy on the eyes, but is much more improved on our private server.
On our private server we provide top quality in fly for fun mmorpg experience.

I-General Informations :

  • Server has been started on
  • Server type : Balanced with PvP gamemode
  • Server rates :

    • Exp x9999
    • Drop x7000
    • Money x9999

  • Server version : v19
  • Server maximum level : 175

II-Server Features :

- Full v19 emulation, with improved features and stability.
- Customed Eu-Flyff Client which contains a lot of changes ,
- A whole new Madrigal maps and world look
- Customed v19 Thème , full support for both v19 and original Flyff HUD interfaces.
- Pet-Filter system binded to " U " button
Screen Shot:
- A teleport system bined to " Z " button ( w for qwerty keyboard users )
Screen Shot:
- New items and weapons , with baruna system
- An exchange system based on tokens " Gods Chips "
- Cheap donations with awsome rewards !
- Daily Guild-Siege and events
- Active GMs ready for help and support
- Helpful players and friendly community

You will discover more and more in-game !

III-Usefull Links and videos :

These are basic informations , more details will be updated soon

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Re: • First Steps in the Server !

Post by Abet Debil on Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:59 pm

Thx for this bruh!! Smile Very Happy
Abet Debil

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