Asal Calculator For BP!! [GUIDE]

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Asal Calculator For BP!! [GUIDE]

Post by DanGabica on Sun May 03, 2015 9:55 pm

This guide is only for BP who wants to become the asal BOOM! Type Hahaha  Very Happy

Calculate your strength, then divide it by 10 Str/10 [EX.6280/10=628]
Then multiply it by your mp ex. if your mp is 628k then it should be this 628*628000=394384000[Your Base Asal DMG]

Your damage for PvP divide the Base Asal Dmg by , Note: The Dmg may differ because of some items and deductions like defense

Your Dmg for pve is your base asal dmg, which may be reduced or increased depending on the in game items influence

Have Fun. And BOOM ASAL!

BTW:Soon becoming a GM here, see ya all in game Smile


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