I need talk something

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I need talk something

Post by AnakimII on Sun May 03, 2015 10:09 pm

Hello. My name in game is Anakim, and I have a lot to speak about the administration. Serious, what happening? Administrators or game master were not made ​​to help the players? I am here , always in need of help to answer some questions , so when one is on , I say " ADM , please help me here." Apparently not really understand what I 'm needing help ABOUT SERVER , not items. Another fact which angered me too ( Two facts , real ) was that I bought a pet RC and did not know it was just for aesthetics, because the stupid does not catch any. The second fact was that I lost 200 perins and 4k RC because of a rollback who gave yesterday . Come on ? What's lacking a little bit more attention and whim this administration. I am a player FlyFF A LONG TIME (eleven years, since the FlyFF appeared ) to be suffering neglect like this one. Sorry for the revolt, because I'm not a person of this kind , but these
attitudes revolted me too .

EDIT: I bought the Donor Set (F) and came Power Set ... Honestly, I bought Donot Set, Power Set no. I've been spending too much time with this server and walk disappointed me more and more. I demand my Donor Set, because I spent 1k Frozen Angels to buy this set, no other.

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Re: I need talk something

Post by Marimar on Tue May 05, 2015 1:07 pm

Hi Sir Wink 

Good day! 

We understand your point and we are very sorry for the inconvience and exasperation the staffs or the game itself brought. Ill just humbly emphasize that this server is freshly opened and updated yet. Thus, we are very much open for any suggestions and complains. On the other side, we will try our very best to bring whats the best for the game and address your concern. Just to point out the things you mentioned above, the Red Chip (RC) pets will be fixed for the next update that will happen next week or so. For the staffs part, if you dont mind and have much time to catch me or better yet PM me the staff's name that ignores you in game will be outmost pleasure. We will take action on that. 

However, we are open for suggestions concerning the game. If you have some we will be forever grateful and surely will discuss it together with the develepoer. Thank you! 

God bless you. Wink

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