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GM Application

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 27, 2015 10:33 am

GM Application (please don't copy try to be creative)
1. Full name.
Bryan Dave Bunao
2. Age and gender.

3. You’re in-game name.

4. How long you have been playing this server for and if you have played any other server or game. Any GM experience before etc..
Ive had been playing since v16 then stop at v17 and now im back hahaha...played a lot of other servers. GM experience? yes ive been a gm twice for a short period of time cause the servers died.
5. What is your time zone + country & how often can you be online?

GMT+8 Philippines,more than 5hours OL without classes with class about 3 hours depending on class schedule.
6. Tell us something about yourself.

I Always follow orders. Very Strict in events always post screenshot or video proof of every winner of all my events.Also very active in xat/chatbox and Forum always helping newcomers that want to play and answer question ASAP any questions i cant answer ill ask it to the owner or staffs.

7. Are you good in working in a team and keeping us informed?
I'm a good team player always ask for permissions to do something and inform other staff if im going away or something. 
8. Can you be strict in doing your job?

Absolutely yes
9. What is your reason to be a gm on this server?
Helping players,bring unique events for players to enjoy for them not to get bored...and assisting the owner and staff...
10. What can you give to this server and any more information about you.
A helping hand, a quick response to players question/reports or what ever it is...

something more
Why me? 
I will not overload on events. 
I will not create items,summon mobs for players. 
I will not accept players favor if its unfair to others or if the favor is for the person who ask. 
I will not disrespect other players. 
I will not give players items, even if its a wooden sword ahaha. 
I will not unfairly mute of freeze players, I will do so if they are abusing someone, disrepecting staff or saying bad things about them, and I will then contact you about the issue. and you decide what to do about it. I will report bugs so it can be fix. 
I will be unbiased at all cost... 
I will speak in english 90% of the time so everyone can understand.


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Re: GM Application

Post by iD0L on Sat Jul 04, 2015 12:35 am

Good Luck



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