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Server Information/Gameplay

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 10, 2015 6:41 pm

~Welcome to GodsFlyff~

Server Information
*Server rates
   -9999 exp
   -3000 penya
   -3000 drop
*Every hour siege
*Donate items farm-able thru gods heart.
*Daily Event at Random times.
*Major Events with Big Prizes.
*Really Friendly Staffs.
*Quick Assessment of Bugs.
*Rebirth system.
*200 max level.
*Well balanced server.
*100%Bug Free.
*Pogi And Pretty Players.
*Pogi Staffs.
Important Links - in case you can’t access the site
Possible Questions...

Q: What’s the max rebirth and how?
A: 5 is the max rebirth you must be lvl200 99.99% exp type /rebirth in chat
Q: What are the currencies in game?
A: Perins, Gods coin, Gods heart, red chips, Event Chips,Gods Dpoints
Q: Where can I get those currencies?
A: Perins-mammoths in azria.
    Gods Coin-Forsaken Tower 5th floor (most common).
    Gods Heart – Meteonyker and Ghost in azria.
    Red Chips - mammoths in azria and mobs in Vulcano.
    Event Chips- Events only.
    Gods Dpoint-thru donation.

Q:What is the Max stats for Perfect pet(1/3/5/7/9)(not using pet perfect scroll)?
A: 230.

Q:Where can I put SOPA?
A: You can put your SOPA to your weapons, shield, armor, jewels,pet, mask and cloak.

Q:Where can I buy/get SOPA?
A:For non-donor sopa can be collected in collecting area And in Gods heart Shop.
   For Donor Sopa’s are in the Donate Shop.

Q: Where can I transmute model?
A:You can transmute model to Darkon.

Q:Where can I combine my fashion's awake?

Q:Where are model Reset:
A:Darkon Gods Exhchanger NPC.

Q:Where can I get level up when im lvl 170?
A:Sanpress 1 or 2 lvl180-196 mobs (lvl194&196 mobs 3rd floor).

Q:How can I change my glow?
A:Start > Systems >Glow Changer.

Q:How can I transfer awake?
A:Start > Transfer awake. You need scroll of transfer awake for you to transfer.

Q:How to show /itemlist?
A:There are 2 ways. Either type /itemlist or just / or Start > System> Item list.

Q:What can I get from collecting area?
A:Macaroons,Party Scrolls,Scroll of Holy,Scroll of Velocity,Unbind,Gods Gift Box,SOPA box,Gods Apple,Bag,pet feed,etc.

Q: How to re-join Guild?
A: Log-in your account in site. Choose/Click 'Resset Join' then relog your character in-game.

Q: How often does the guild siege held?
A: Every an hour (1hr).

Q: How can I screen shot (SS)?
A: Press 'Home'.

PM - Private Message
SS-Screen Shot
PL - Party Leader
RC - Red Chip
GC - God Coin
GS - Guild Siege
GW - Guild War
COH - Cloak of Honor
GDp - Gods Donation Points
SOTA - Scroll of Transfer Awake

STR - 100
STA - 100
DEX - 100
INT - 100
DCT - 30%
Speed - 30%
ADOCH - 100%
Crit. Hit - 100%
MP - 300
HP - 300
FP - 300

/awakening - Awakes item. Costs 50,000,000 Penya. 
Note: Put the item in the first of the inventory to awake.

/gmlist - Shows all staff (GM) online.

[F] Couple Information
[J] Item Duration Window
Pet Filter Window
[Z] Teleporter
[V] Party Finder Window

More Questions??reply

Please explore the server i didnt include everything for a reason...


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