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Rules in Trading your Items here

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Rules in Trading your Items here Empty Rules in Trading your Items here

Post by Guest Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:22 pm

•You must have the item your Trading.So upon posting a Screen Shot of the item is required(make sure to include your character in the Screen Shot).
•No Re-posting.
•Must Include In Game Name in your post.
•Must Include the item you want to be traded.
•If Someone bought it already please update your post by adding "TRADED".
•How to post a picture? Click HERE or https://godsflyff.forumtl.com/t124-screen-shot-puzzle-event-information-and-rules

Trading Brutal Abyss Sword +10 (10/10)donor cards 3x 300%addoch 30%pvp dmg incrs and 12 soul leech
to Brutal Axe Nothrend +10 (10/10)donor cards 3x increase attack or addoch 
Rules in Trading your Items here Flyff017

Reply if your interested in Trading or /say Zel to trade to other things.


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