Bon’s Amazing Race Event!!

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Bon’s Amazing Race Event!!

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:04 pm

How does it work?

Bon’s Amazing Race can only be held if there 3 or more GM online. It consist of bring me,HNS,Q&A,and anything that we can think of.


A GM will shout Bring me Bamboo stick(it’s just a sample).
If you give/trade the item he will message you the next clue it will only be message twice.
Then you will do or find out the clue the GM gave and its basically what this is until you win the whole thing.

Rules of this event are not always the same this is for players who don’t have any idea what an Amazing Race is.

HNS- Only one clue will be given. Example I’m in a flying machine overlooking Flaris.
Q&A- Question and answers will not be shouted instead we will use /say 1 question and you will have 10second to answer.
Bring Me-This might be the start of this event we will ask for an item and trade it to the GM.

If you fail to comply or answer you can join again but you must begin again.

Questions and suggestions please reply to this post

All big events will be posted in the Forum Event section there will still be event at random time stay online if you want to join…


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