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Post by DanGabica on Mon May 04, 2015 12:28 pm

I've used harsheys application form

name: Dan Gabriel A. Gabica
in-game name Harmonics
age 15
country Philippines 
time availability to play: 12PM-3PM Then 4pm-9PM
languages spoken and level: English(Veteran) Tagalog(Veteran) Bisaya(Veteran) Waray(Beginner)
how long playing official/pserver flyff: for about 4 years since i was 11 yrs old Smile
reason why applying for certain position(gm,moderator,etc): because i always hear complaints from the players, and i think this server has the potential to expand and be an exciting server for all the people/players
additional information (optional): I am a patient but sometimes hot headed person, but i can get along socially and i can adjust to anything Smile
Known Events: FastHands, Jumble, QnA, HnS, And many much more i am planning to do more Smile
Experience in Handling flyff: For Extacy flyff 2 years and Alfheim 1 year then TyRantFlyff for 1 year a total of 4 years managing Flyff Smile


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