Renegade GM Application

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Renegade GM Application

Post by Avengers1 on Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:53 pm

Daniel Landis
Almost 6 months. I've played Insanity, Dope, Fly for sky, Eclipse, Mazey, and Original. 
East USA. From 11pm my time to 2am my time and then 12am to 4pm, Or longer.
Yes I have bon on facebook and Skype, and can text.
Yes i can be very strict. 
I want to be able to help Bon and others with there conquest through the fields of Gods FLyff.
I can give devotion and suggestions to alot of things. I can do pretty much any thing Bon wants me to do. Honestly i wont take favorites but i will probably ask alot of questions on if i can do things like anything. If you ask me to do ill do it.


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